Life on my own

05/09/2013 20:09
I haven't updated this page in a little while, which is actually a good thing, because it means that not a lot has happened lately.  As I mentioned in earlier posts, my mom helped watch the kids for the first three weeks after surgery and then my sista wife Karen stayed with us for the next...

Genetic Rights

04/15/2013 09:50
I have not had a lot of extra time to post lately, but I want to say good luck to everyone rallying for our genetic rights in DC today!   Today the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments concerning the BRCA gene patent currently held by Myriad. A quick bit of info...

My first fill was OUCHHHH

03/22/2013 20:14
Wednesday I went in for my first post op appointment with the reconstructive surgeon.  I was pretty excited to get this thing going.  I'm not really owning the flat chested look.  The appointment was not that bad.  He is a serious perfectionist, which is definitely a good thing...

The first week(ish)

03/22/2013 18:08
It has been two weeks since I had my surgery and there have been a lot of ups and downs since then . . . The actual day of surgery got off to a crazy start.  Because the surgery had been rescheduled there was a definite lack of communication between the various pre op offices I had to stop by...

Here we go

03/07/2013 21:43
It is the night before surgery and I am surprisingly calm.  I think it is because I haven't really worried too much about the actual surgery but more about how everything will go while I'm a non functioning Mommy/wife.  We are as prepared as we will ever be.  I did not finish...

Last hurrah ended with a (literal) bang onto the cobblestone in Fells Point

03/03/2013 18:38
Saturday got off to a ROUGH start - it ended pretty rough too but the middle was enjoyable.  I needed to get my pre-op blood work done in the morning.  Knowing that Labcorp turns into a zoo on the weekends, I set off to arrive just prior to their opening.  I pulled into the parking...

So then I had a panic attack . . .

02/13/2013 13:21
And another, and another and another.  I'm exaggerating a little, but barely.  I am starting to really freak out over the logistics surrounding the upcoming surgery.  My house is pretty much a constant circus.  It shuts down for about an hour or two daily, during nap time, but...

Visitors notice

02/07/2013 20:13
There are many options for individuals carrying the BRCA gene mutation.  This website provides just one person's experience.  I am not saying that my choices are the only correct choices.  What I have decided to do is what is best for my body, mind and family.

Website launched

02/07/2013 20:12
My new website has been launched today. The top of my blog says, "I've got two tickets to paradise."  I feel I must explain.  I have been thinking about making a blog/website ever since I decided to have a mastectomy.  There are plenty of young women out there that I feel can benefit...

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