Genetic Rights

04/15/2013 09:50

I have not had a lot of extra time to post lately, but I want to say good luck to everyone rallying for our genetic rights in DC today!  

Today the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments concerning the BRCA gene patent currently held by Myriad. A quick bit of info from  

For the first time in history, we are beginning to understand the link between mutated DNA and cancer. For the first time, we have the resources and scientific knowledge to potentially find smarter ways to screen for, treat, and prevent breast cancer. The information contained within human genes carries the potential to unlock barriers to research that might make this suffering stop. We must have open scientific collaboration to bring about innovation and progress towards the goal of ending cancer. If we allow Myriad Genetics to hold a patent on human genes, we put corporate profit before women’s health. We give a company like Myriad the sole power to decide who gets to perform research on this gene based on what is most profitable for them, rather than what is best for the future of my family and your family.





What you can do to help . . .


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