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03/07/2013 21:43

It is the night before surgery and I am surprisingly calm.  I think it is because I haven't really worried too much about the actual surgery but more about how everything will go while I'm a non functioning Mommy/wife.  We are as prepared as we will ever be.  I did not finish cleaning everything that I wanted to, but when I think about who will actually be in my house over the next few weeks I feel silly for caring in the first place.  My family and close friends have seen my bedrooms through the years when they literally looked like my dresser had vomitted up its entire contents.  Anyway, I think the house is in ok shape and we have tons of great family and friends stopping through to take care of us.  

Wednesday, during the non blizzard of 2013, I had my final three pre-op appointments.  I started out with a plain Jane physical.  When I arrived they questioned if I had gotten my blood work done because they never received the results.  Ummm, hello, if you read my last post you can probably imagine my level of disbelief/displeasure at this.  It was eventually located under a file for LimbErg (ie not my name) but I still required one more draw.  Alas, here are my tracks from over the past few days:


Fun times.  We then went on to my appointment with the occupational therapist.  She went over tons of stretches and exercises that I need to do starting the day after my surgery.  Who would have thought that looking up and down, side to side and shrugging the shoulders would be so important?  The last stop on our trek involved getting fitted for my post surgery garments and spending some time with a nurse talking through pre/post surgery care and the logistics on the day of.  

Whelp, thanks to people reading this and helping my family!  I will try to update soon and often during recovery.  I will see everyone on the other side!

PS- deciding to have dinner out, with a baby and toddler, the night before surgery is a BADDD idea.  We thought we would take our minds off of everything and enjoy some time out of the house before being cooped up.  The reality of the situation was that Dave and I were both on edge the entire time.  So when Max stood up on his chair, leaned across the table to grab the crushed red pepper (naturally) and fell forward propelling his seat backward onto the table behind us and his own little body onto the floor, Dave and I both kind of looked at each other dumbstruck for a few seconds before awkwardly gathering up our child and his chair.  Ughh.  No wine was a bummer too.  It was not one of our best meals out but we will try again in a few weeks :/  



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