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02/07/2013 20:12

My new website has been launched today.

The top of my blog says, "I've got two tickets to paradise."  I feel I must explain.  I have been thinking about making a blog/website ever since I decided to have a mastectomy.  There are plenty of young women out there that I feel can benefit from any additional information on the topic of breast cancer prevention.  Anyway, I have fretted over a title ever since I decided I wanted to share my story.  It is rare that a few hours go by that I don't think about my upcoming surgery and how it will impact my family, my friends and myself.  Yet, I stay busy and try to ensure that my two small boys don't know that anything unusual is in the works.  This past Tuesday (2/5/2013), my boys and I went to celebrate the return of the Lombardi Trophy to Baltimore and rally with our friends and the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.  We had a BLAST!  And in those moments of pure bliss, screaming and stomping and high-fiving strangers five rows from the top of the stadium, I wasn't thinking about my surgery or what could be lurking beneath my skin.  I was so happy to be sharing those memories with my family and friends.  The most memorable moment for me was when one of my favorite players, Ed Reed, who was very likely sleep deprived, inebriated and still riding his Super Bowl high, came to the mic with his little son on his shoulders and sang (horribly) Eddie Money's, Two Tickets to Paradise.  Later on, after I had rehashed the days events to anyone who would listen, I thought about the intoxicating euphoria experienced in section 528 earlier that day.  I realized that I too have two tickets to paradise.  Strangely enough my tickets come in the form of my chest.  When I am relieved of these body parts, intent on betraying the rest of my healthy body, I can go back to enjoying time with my family and friends on a more regular basis.  There may still be days when the darkness creeps into the back of my mind, but my hope is that it happens less, and when it does I can take pride in the fact that I am a previvor.  I will have done everything I can to protect myself and my beautiful life.    



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